Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Accendi RPO


Accendi RPO offers businesses access to strategic customized scalable workforce solutions that are flexible and streamline to meet the recruitment needs of your business whether its 5 positions or 400 positions. Accendi RPO deployment solutions span to positions classified as exempt and non-exempt ranging from management, professional, technical, specialist, administrative, and volume hires.


Accendi Talent provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model that assists you through the challenging process of sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, requisition management, reporting metrics, offer to on-boarding. Our proven methodologies create a total outsource solution that enables you to utilize the Accendi RPO 'FLIGHT' solution:


  • Concentrate human and capital resources on core competencies

  • Focus limited resources on tasks that impact the bottom line

  • Improve the effectiveness of your corporate recruitment process

  • Provide “delivery on demand”

  • Reduce “time-to-hire”

  • Improve quality and statistical data

  • Use the leverage of a single organization to tap into multiple, outside resources

  • Replace fixed recruitment costs with a flexible “Pay-for-Performance” model that employs recruitment budget dollars more strategically

  • One on One requisition development with Hiring Management

  • Advertising budget and strategy coordination

  • Employment brand development and program management



Recruitment Process Outsourcing For Less


Accendi Talent clients are able to leverage our proprietary talent member database through our control panel called the ‘Quintessence’. Take advantage of our proprietary talent database and allow our Talent Management Solutions team to compliment your current and future business objectives.


Whether your company is a start-up, in growth mode or mature, our FlIGHT model will guide you through the recruitment maze by building workforce development plans, sourcing and interview strategies, quality controls and retention best practices to being proactive in building talent to meet your current and future workforce needs. Accendi Talent offers employers a single scalable outsourcing ‘flat rate’ solution to save time and money regardless of your recruiting number/hiring needs.



The Accendi Talent RPO Advantage:


We invest in the most efficient processes and technology. Accendi Talent offers significant scalable advantages in relationships with organizations, associations and vendors.


The overall Recruitment Process Outsourcing objective is to create a seamless line of operations for our clients. Accendi Talent casts a “wide-net” to develop a talent pool that is reflective of our target industries markets and job requirement needs. By partnering with Accendi Talent you are aligning your organization with a committed partner with strategic alliances and partnerships that foster our commitment to offer unparalleled customer service and tools that optimize your profits, performance and people.