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What makes Accendi Group unique?

Organizations today are looking for ways to advance learning beyond the traditional classroom or providing off the shelf training to their people. eLearning allows you to do this, and with the Accendi Group Learning team as your partner, we listen, consult and deliver solutions to provide memorable learning experiences with the latest technology.

Our expertise is customized eLearning solutions that combine effective storytelling and scenario-based examples for real-world understanding that build upon modern learning principles to deliver results. We leverage our years of learning and development experience to drive towards your people development goals to boost learner engagement and motivation. We know that one size does not fit all!


We work with you to identify your most optimal learning strategy while deploying optimal design methods. Our team keeps your projects running smoothly, on schedule, and on budget. We are trusted advisors to our clients to get it exactly right for both the learner and you.   

By working with Accendi Group, we have experience in:

  1. Designing scenarios and examples that can be custom tailored for your industry and/or niche.

  2. Effectively conveys your company's brand and image.

  3. Create assessment and feedback tools that are ideally suited for your goals.

  4. Quick, direct and convenient ways to update eLearning courses content.

  5. Being creative in order to enhance your learner’s motivation and engagement.

  6. Mobile learning that is responsive, beautiful to view and incorporates the latest technology.

  7. Delivering learning design solutions to fit and scale to your budget.

Learning Design Solutions

Blended Learning

Blended education. Flipping the classroom.

Hybrid learning.

Which ever name you call it, blended learning combines classroom and digital learning, instructor led training, job aids, on the job training and other types of face to face methods.

Take the best of both worlds by using what you already have to create a holistic approach to meet your learning needs.

Blended Learning-4.png

Keep your learners engaged and motivated by using gaming and game elements in your training.

When engaging and compelling gamification strategies are required, we can help you achieve the required employee engagement through scenario based gamification learning.

gamification learning.png

Learning created in small nuggets, chunks or focused bursts to avoid learner overload of information.

When you need a quick-win, better retention of concepts, better engagement, faster deployment, unique interactions and mobile engagements to name just some of the benefits of microlearning, we will help you achieve your goals.


Learners learn differently and that is a fact. In knowing this, Accendi Talent can assist you in creating custom learning content to suit the individual needs for the various roles within your organization. 

When you know that one size doesn't fit all. Turn to us to help you meet your objectives.

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