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Connecting leadership talent to grow your business.

If there is one vital hire you make within your company, it is you leadership team. Not only are these executives the future of your business, they are responsible for defining your corporate strategy and company culture, creating dynamic teams and driving productivity and performance.


That is why it is so important to believe 100% in the people you place at the top. At Accendi Group we understand the responsibility that comes with executive search. We are tireless in our hunt to find those exceptional leaders you need to fit within your organization and take it to the next level.


Our expert team has an eye for finding future leaders, our innovative approach to sourcing top talent ensures we will always surprise you with the caliber of candidates we bring to the table, sourcing executives with the skills and competencies needed to take on such a pivotal role.


Executive recruitment sits at the very heart of our business. Our ability to work alongside our clients, to understand your exact needs and meet those objectives every time has built our reputation over 20+ years.


If you are looking for a leader that will take your organization to new heights, trust Accendi Talent to find the right person.  

How We Make Your Success, Our Success

  • We Assemble The Right Team: Our executive recruitment specialists have the experience and expertise needed to drive an ambitious retained search strategy. We draw on our industry knowledge, high-level networks and insight-driven research to identify the perfect people.

  • Exceptional Candidates: We take a creative approach to identifying potential candidates, going beyond the usual evaluations to ensure we find the right fit. We evaluate candidates against what success looks like in your industry and what your needs are and work as your trusted consultant through every stage of the process.

  • Proprietary Process: When it comes to recruitment we are beyond thorough. We combine leadership questionnaires and interviews with references and a culture assessment, using our years of experience to evaluate each candidate individually and assess if they have the qualities your company is looking for.


What Sets Us Apart

We Deliver The Best Results: Our executives don’t just have staying power, they are also eight times more likely to be promoted within three years.

We Understand the Market: Only Accendi Group has a proprietary executive snapshot process that embeds job description, job grading and salary benchmarking into the executive search process. It gives our clients peace of mind that they are selecting the right candidate as well as helping them offer competitive rewards to stay ahead of the competition.  

We Understand The Method Of Success: We have spent years perfecting our groundbreaking executive assessment. Not only does it offer insights into the market, it also defines each candidate’s personality traits, competencies and experiences as well as focusing on what drives them to success.

We Provide Functional & Integrated Teams: Our strategic approach means we are never focused on just placing one candidate, but constantly looking at the big picture, building networks of connections and industry databases so we can pinpoint the right talent at the right moment.  

Our Executive Search process

Our Specializations

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