Learning & Consulting

Learning & performance solutions that work.

Invest in your team and they will take your business to the next level. We are firm believers that a company is only as good as its people, which is why the Learning team at Accendi Group uses our 20+ years’ experience to tailor training programs to your learning objectives.

By creating customized programs we don’t just ensure you have the trained teams you need to succeed, but keep your workforce challenged and fulfilled so you can ensure optimum performance and retention as well as a strong bottom line.

Our Methodology


Diagnose and analyze teams to develop an understanding of opportunities available as well as problems to solve within the business. By establishing your goals and objectives, we can define a path to move your workforce forward.  


Select the appropriate method to ensure each training program engages with different teams and individuals in the most effective way, whether that is in the classroom, through e-learning or a via toolbox talk.   


Build the detailed program based on insights and business needs – building, testing, reviewing and adjusting very element until the whole program is ready...


Deploy the content in the most optimal way, ensuring continuous modification to guarantee maximum efficiency and positive results.


Analysis of results to identify how the program meets and surpasses your business expectations.