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On Demand HR and project support has never been this easy. 
Comprehensive Human Resource solutions.

Welcome to the future with On-Demand HR and Project Management. If you are looking to streamline your business while still supporting the key areas of human resources, then the subscription based LigoHR offering with HR and project consultant support services could be the solution you need.

LigoHR is designed to protect your business with integrated HR solutions, advice, and legal compliance resources to help you work and run your business operations more efficiently as well as making your life a little easier.

​Choose a base subscription plan, opt to build on that, or even design your own tailored plan. However, you decide to use the service, it is here to offer support and keep you compliant and on-task, whether you are a start-up, small business or established company. With HR and attorney expertise on-demand, you are stepping into a compliance and human resource services model fueled by tech, advice, and experience to help you and your company thrive.  


Don't rely on Google or Redditt with your HR Questions.

HR Experts with advanced degrees/certificates: 

HR on Demand & Project Consulting Services

Does having scaled up hr on demand services without having to spend too much on capital costs like hiring and training sound interesting? How about outsourcing human resource practices to add additional support for your current hr team or on demand human resource professionals ready to help you address your hr issues while staying in compliance?


Accendi Group's LigoHR On-Demand service makes it all possible. Our consultants partner to help free up time and resources with on demand hr and project support, and it makes it easier for you to focus on growing your business.

HR On-Demand 

Stay Compliant  -  Stay Prepared  -  Stay Up to Date


Develop, update or customize policies and handbooks to maintain compliance with local, state and federal laws. 


Experienced HR professionals ready to assist you in employee, and management coaching.


Learning Management System (LMS) and training courses to boost employee engagement and mitigate risks.


HR Advisors and attorneys available to contact online and by phone to answer your Human Resource and legal questions. 


Counseling Support to line management/supervisory staff or guidance to human resources and business management on administrative, legal and/or regulatory compliance. 


HR Advisory service to help managers in goal setting, performance assessment, review feedback, documentation and developing a performance improvement process.


Assistance in managing your unemployment claims, handling your hearing needs including responding to unemployment claims.



Phone screen + Behavioral interviewing questions, talent assessments and scorecards to help take the bias out of the hiring process.

Have a HR Question? Answers By Experts

HR Advice to your human resource questions. Don't rely on the internet to answer your questions. Our experts stand ready to help.

we provide answers to your most important HR QUESTION. 

Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

Having the right Human Resource practice in place can help you avoid costly litigation and fines. LigoHR provides the resources and tools to help you stay compliant and not rely on the internet to get your HR updates.

  • Employment Lawsuit? Up to $200,000 for employers with 500 employees.

  • FLSA Penalty for Not Paying Overtime? Fines up to $2,014 per violation.

  • OSHA Penalty? Range from $7,000= $70,000 depending on type of violation.

Why Choose Accendi Group
On Demand Human Resource Service?

Companies are always looking for ways to increase the value of their business, in addition to finding ways to reduce costs. Human Resource outsourcing on demand human resource services and project support may be the answer you need to move your business and workforce goals forward.


Let our LigoHR team partner with you to be your human resource business advisor while you focus on the core business of your organization.

When your business needs to be strategic and act to address the ever changing demands of your business, our LigoHR On Demand solution can save you money and provide the on time answers to address the challenges and legal requirements to mitigate people risk issues and drive towards your business goals.

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