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Employee Onboarding

Increase the odds of your new hire's success with

Accendi Group's "Onboard Me" program

A best-in-class employee onboarding service for employers.

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Revolutionize your onboarding. 


We make the process simple ― we'll do all the work and you'll only have to take care of time-consuming tasks.

An Employee Onboarding Service Made Easy

With Accendi Group's virtual onboarding assistance, you can transform your employee onboarding process and ensure your business is compliant every step of the way.


From the moment the offer is accepted through the day the new hire starts working, Accendi Group can work as an extension of your HR team to get all the paperwork completed and your new hire acclimated.


Regardless of where your new hire is assigned, we work with you to ensure a consistent and personalized experience for them that gets them off to a good start.

How does the Onboard Me, employee onboarding program work?

  1. Accendi partners with HR to document the organizational onboarding process

  2. Accendi creates a detailed plan and goals to measure onboarding success

  3. Onboard Me plan launched

  4. Pre-Boarding/ Self-Onboarding started

  5. New Hire First Day

Our Onboard Me service ensures your organization is doing its onboarding right. Our goal is to help you onboard your new employees more effectively and hire more effectively with Accendi Group as your talent management partner.

Accendi Group's new hire onboarding services are designed to improve the onboarding experience for employees as well as the success of our customers' new hire programs. Let us take care of your new hire onboarding program, while your HR department gains back time.

Onboard Me Plan Options 


Planning to Management

We handle all of your new hire paperwork administration and set your new hire up for success.

First Day

Planning to Delivery

We design an on boarding plan for your employees first day on the job.

Prepare for their first day.

First Week

Create an onboarding plan that documents success for the employees first week on the job. Intentional success goes beyond the first day.

First 90 days

Design a world class new hire structured onboarding program with an employee onboarding guide by role.




Streamline your new hire process.

A fast and intuitive solution. Improved engagement.

Automatically manage your new hire onboarding process.

Accendi Group's virtual onboarding platform ensures you're compliant and have the tools you need to streamline the process. With Onboard Me, HR can focus on what they do best while we get all your paperwork completed and ensure a thorough onboarding experience.

Spend less time and money on the most important part of your business.

Elevate your onboarding experience, save time and lighten your administrative load. The first few weeks are crucial—they shape a new hire's attitude towards your company and future work ethic. With Accendi Group's virtual onboarding assistance, you can transform your employee onboarding process, ensuring your business is compliant every step of the way.

Working from Home

You’ll never miss a step with our auto-assistance.

Get onboarding done right the first time with a virtual advisor that knows how to make sure your new hire is engaged and trained on day one. Onboard Me ensures you don't miss any steps of the process by automatically sending onboarding tasks to them for completion. Compliance is our #1 priority!

Reduce your carbon footprint.
Save time.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your company and reduce your company's cost with a paperless, electronic onboarding process.

Hiring Forms
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