Employer of Record I Payroll Services

Here’s how Employer of Record Payroll service works.


Many of our clients have a bank of ‘reserve staff’ to call upon during busy periods relying on us to do their payroll and invoice the client for the work undertaken.

What you are responsible for:

  • You advertise, recruit or create a pool of candidates that you are comfortable can come in at any time to cover busy periods, staff shortage, sickness, holidays or weekend work.

  • You call them into work and manage the relationship (we can manage this for you if you require/prefer)

  • You inform us of their hourly pay rate

  • You supply the worker with access to our online timesheet system to input their working hours, then submit it to us to process payroll

  • You pay the invoice 




What we manage on your behalf:

  • Your reserve staff register with Accendi Group

  • We ensure there is a contract in place for your temporary worker

  • We take care of all timesheets, processing and ensuring the correct insurance and taxes are made

  • We are responsible for paying your temporary worker

  • Accendi Group invoices you for their total cost plus a small fee to cover administrative and payroll costs




How many of your own temporary staff can you ask us to payroll?

  • From one temporary worker to as many as you need, we can manage the payroll process for you.  



Here are some additional benefits of Employee of Record (EOR) Services


With all state mandated sick leave programs

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation with  co-employment indemnification

Peace of Mind

Dedicated admin and human resource support

Health Benefits

Ability to offer ACA-compliant health benefits and 401(k)

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