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Payroll Services    Employer of Record in Memphis

Payroll services for any size business. Free up your day and let our experts do the heavy-lifting.

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Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

If you have employees, you must pay them, but processing payroll can be a tedious process. You need to calculate hours and figure out the payroll taxes correctly, and it all has to be accurate and on time. If you are reading this, your time is better spent growing and leading your company and not allocating time and resources to a task that you can outsource for less than you can do it in-house. 

Federal and State laws change rapidly. Keeping up with these rules requires quite a bit of time and energy, and it is not worth it in most cases. More importantly, if your business payroll is not done correctly and in a timely manner, the penalty and interest are significant burdens for the business.

Learn more about our Payroll Processing and Employer of Record services.

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Payroll Services

What Are Payroll Outsourcing Services?

Payroll outsourcing services encompass hiring a third-party service provider to manage the administration and payroll services, including benefits, data calculations, compliance, and filing. The bottom line is that these skilled service providers help ensure your payroll complies with the latest regulations.

Depending on the experience of the payroll outsourcing service provider, there are a plethora of payroll functions business owners will gain access to. Some additional payroll services that can be outsourced include:

  • Direct deposit and check distribution to employees

  • Implementing employee benefits

  • Withholding payroll taxes such as social security and pensions

  • Payroll Tax Filing of required government reports

  • Processing payroll for a new hire

  • Data calculation of state and federal payroll taxes each pay period

Learn about Payroll Processing

Quality Service Provider

As a business owner, choosing a full-service payroll company that provides both payroll and HR services will help bring your business strategies full circle. Third-party payroll outsourcing services are utilized widely by many companies due to the extensive manual and tedious nature of payroll tasks. These companies tend to experience significant growth and would instead focus on other core aspects of the business.

Typically, mid to large-sized companies are eager to invest in payroll outsourcing services. Small businesses often feel the strain of completing simple tasks such as payroll processing as it can stretch resources, increase time and money. By partnering with a payroll service, small businesses can realize efficiencies in tasks with payroll software and maximize the advantages of automating the payroll process, which removes the manual handling of payroll, which is often grounded in many inefficiencies.

Providers who specialize in payroll outsourcing, such as Accendi Group, offer the hr services, tools and resources to build payroll processing systems that can be tailored to fit the needs of a small business or large enterprise.  ​

At Accendi Group, we help ensure your payroll and tax processing procedures are compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. Our goal is to help elevate new and existing strategies within your company with an innovative payroll system that is optimized for compliance with a best in class payroll service for each engagement.

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Online Time & Attendance Software | Payroll

Businesses can integrate time and attendance technologies with payroll software for any number of employees and contingent workers to regain time spent entering timesheets while improving overall payroll accuracy. Even the smallest businesses can benefit from integrating payroll and hr by utilizing technologies to increase business efficiencies and mitigate payroll tax penalties.

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Why Should You Outsource Payroll?

Despite how time-consuming and tedious, a payroll service plays a vital role in any organization. As your business develops and grows, there are only more payroll taxes to consider. It could be time to seek out payroll outsourcing from a trusted payroll service provider.

Outsourcing payroll is essentially an extension of your organization. And with that comes plenty of pros with a side of some cons to consider. It is necessary to understand the pros and cons that come with outsourcing payroll to ensure you are confident in your decision.

There are many factors to consider, from the time it takes to implement payroll software to what that profitable return on investment looks like in the long run. 

Designed To Simplify Your Business

Accendi Group's payroll services are designed to help businesses of any size. Whether a small business needs an economical payroll solution or a large enterprise needs payroll to pay their contingent workers, our cloud-based software simplifies and automates your process to give you more time.

Better Together is how we view our relationships with the customers we serve. Whether your business requires expert support to help you manage your payroll, automatic filings of federal, state, and local payroll taxes or services priced right for your budget and workforce needs, Accendi Group offers a suite of payroll software and services that can integrate and add value to your hr and finance systems.


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Accendi Group's Payroll Advantage

Accendi Group understands how important it is to have your business payroll and HR done correctly and on time. If the right payroll is not implemented effectively and in a timely manner, the penalty and interest are significant issues for the business. Accendi Group's system will allow you to key in information, and we commit to completing your payroll.

Our experienced and professional in-house staff works quickly and accurately to process your payroll taxes. When you focus on your business and not your payroll, Accendi Group ensures your employees are paid accurately and on time, every time. Unlike many other companies that offer payroll outsourcing that rely solely on an automated payroll system to calculate your payroll, our in-house payroll technicians also review each payroll entry and if we see something out of the ordinary, we'll alert you with notifications. We don't just rely on text messages and email. We pick up the phone and call you without hesitation. We don't leave out the human in the process.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with employee information per payroll, local taxes, direct deposit, and human resources, it might be time to outsource your payroll.

Employer of Record

EOR Payrolling Services For Entertainment, Media, Technology

Accendi Group's EOR service simplifies the complexity of paying and onboarding your contingent workforce. Our FLIGHT EOR model simplifies the hiring, onboarding, assignment management, meeting, timesheet, KPIs and offboarding.

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Employer of Record Services (EOR)

Many of our clients have a bank of ‘reserve staff’ to call upon during busy periods relying on us to do their payroll and invoice the client for the work undertaken. Expand and reduce your workforce with Accendi Group, a full-service EOR services provider.

What you are responsible for:

  • You advertise, recruit or create a pool of candidates that you are comfortable with can come in at any time to cover busy periods, staff shortage, sickness, holidays, or weekend work.

  • You call them into work and manage the relationship (we can manage this for you if you require/prefer)

  • You inform us of their hourly pay rate

  • You supply the worker with access to our online timesheet system to input their working hours, then submit it to us to process payroll

  • You pay the invoice 

What we manage on your behalf:

  • Your reserve staff register with Accendi Group

  • We ensure there is a contract in place for your temporary worker

  • We take care of all timesheets, processing and ensuring the correct insurance and taxes are made

  • We are responsible for paying your temporary worker

  • Accendi Group invoices you for their total cost plus a small fee to cover administrative and payroll costs

  • As your EOR service, we mitigate the risk of co-employment as well as employee misclassification.

How many of your own temporary staff can you ask us to payroll?

  • From one temporary worker to as many, as you need, we can manage the payroll process for you.  

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Additional Benefits of Employee of Record (EOR) Services


With all state mandated sick leave programs

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation with  co-employment indemnification

Peace of Mind

Dedicated admin and human resource support

Health Benefits

Ability to offer ACA-compliant health benefits and 401(k)

Workforce Solutions to Manage Your Contingent Workforce

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