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Payroll services for any size business. Free up your day and let our experts do the heavy-lifting.

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We know payroll is not easy, but we have the process down. Accendi Group offers fully-compliant payroll, employment & expertise for businesses to outsource payroll management and employment of record services. As your partner, we allow you to focus your time and energy on your core business functions.


Accendi Group brings together, expertise, process, technology and a back office solution to deliver high-quality customer service, payroll, and employee of record services to businesses who want to get back time in their day and want a better way to manage their hourly and freelance workers. Our solutions cost-effectively reduce complexity and risk when dealing with payroll processing and employment laws for employees.


Payroll won't wait for outdated processes or mistakes. When your business needs a partner to make sure you are in compliance, Accendi Group ensures all workers are classified correctly, paid accurately, and employment issues are handled. Learn more about our Payroll Processing and Employer of Record services.

Payroll Processing

If you have employees, you must pay them, but doing payroll can be a time consuming process. You need to calculate hours and figure out the taxes correctly, and it all has to be accurate and on time. If you are reading this, your time is better spent growing and leading your company and not allocating time and resources to a task that you can outsource for less than you can do it in-house. Federal and State laws change rapidly; keeping up with these rules is a time consuming, and in most case is not worth it. More importantly, if your business payroll is not done correctly and on a timely manner, the penalty and interest are big killers for the business.

Accendi Group understands how important it is to have your business payroll done correctly and on time. If it is not done correctly and in a timely manner, the penalty and interest are big issues for the business. Accendi Group's system will allow you to key in information and we commit to complete your payroll within 60 minutes or less. 

Our experienced and professional staff works quickly and accurately to process your payroll. Within an hour or less you will receive a confirmation email, text message (or both if you prefer), when you payroll is complete. Unlike many other payroll companies that rely solely on an automated system to calculate your payroll, our payroll technicians review each payroll entry visually to make sure there are no mistakes. If we see something out of the ordinary, we’ll pick up the phone and call you.

Employer of Record 
Many of our clients have a bank of ‘reserve staff’ to call upon during busy periods relying on us to do their payroll and invoice the client for the work undertaken.

What you are responsible for:

  • You advertise, recruit or create a pool of candidates that you are comfortable can come in at any time to cover busy periods, staff shortage, sickness, holidays or weekend work.

  • You call them into work and manage the relationship (we can manage this for you if you require/prefer)

  • You inform us of their hourly pay rate

  • You supply the worker with access to our online timesheet system to input their working hours, then submit it to us to process payroll

  • You pay the invoice 

What we manage on your behalf:

  • Your reserve staff register with Accendi Group

  • We ensure there is a contract in place for your temporary worker

  • We take care of all timesheets, processing and ensuring the correct insurance and taxes are made

  • We are responsible for paying your temporary worker

  • Accendi Group invoices you for their total cost plus a small fee to cover administrative and payroll costs

How many of your own temporary staff can you ask us to payroll?

  • From one temporary worker to as many as you need, we can manage the payroll process for you.  



Here are some additional benefits of Employee of Record (EOR) Services


With all state mandated sick leave programs

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation with  co-employment indemnification

Peace of Mind

Dedicated admin and human resource support

Health Benefits

Ability to offer ACA-compliant health benefits and 401(k)

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