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Talent Management Consulting & Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Updated: Mar 18, 2022


The Challenge

Our work with the client and its' divisions represents a major project as the client seeks to recruit 2,300 new police recruits by 2020 to ensure the organization continues to have the ability to deliver emergency services.

Why Accendi Group

We were selected to deliver Human Resource Consulting in the area of Talent Management and Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions based on our track record for delivering outstanding expertise and service quality. At Accendi Group our senior HR professionals have many years of experience in HR Management and HR Planning, bringing considerable expertise to the businesses and organizations that we work with. Combined with our capacity for managing large and complex projects we are the ideal HR partner for any size organization.

Our Approach

We designed a solution which was based around the development and delivery of a Recruitment Strategy underpinned with a new up to date, streamlined and branded recruitment process. We formulated an approach which would enhance recruitment and subsequent retention by identifying the applicant profiles, developing the applicant modes and creating a roadmap for applicants interested in applying to the organization. This was supported with in-depth research to identify the optimal return on investment in all of the target markets for each applicant mode, where our client had a compelling story to tell around cost of living, salary levels and other benefits.

Our Results

Our work has delivered outstanding results for our client. Since 2016, our client has increased its staff by 419 employees, showing a net gain of officers last year for the first time in seven years.

The move from a manual application process to the online system reduced the time required to hire police recruits from nine months to five months, whilst the work we developed around applicant profiles has enabled more effective recruitment activities with carefully targeted marketing aimed at four groups: new recruits; lateral recruits; fast track recruits and college recruits.

We partnered with the marketing team to create a digital advertising campaign to attract applicants which resulted in 2.5 million total page impressions on the newly branded recruitment website. "Since 2016, the client has seen on average a 320% percent increase in applicants applying to Police Recruit positions with the organization”, says Fawn Hentrel, Managing Partner, Accendi Group.

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