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A message from Accendi Group's Founder and Managing Partner

Updated: Dec 12, 2021


The impact that the COVID-19 outbreak has had globally is, for many of us, unprecedented and certainly unexpected. Countries have had to close borders, businesses have had to scale or shut down operations and many are those who have suffered losses and griefs.

Now more than ever, my team and I stand with you and are ready to support you and your business needs beyond these challenging times.


Though the economic climate may waver, at the heart of every business are people. As Managing Partner at Accendi Group, it is my personal and professional pursuit to bring out the talents and value that human capital can bring to your business. Our preparedness to tackle the challenges that you face during this period, puts the Accendi Group at the forefront of the industry.


Drawing from our expertise in business management consulting and talent solutions, our in-house capabilities, and innovative technology allow us to adapt quickly to your ever-changing needs. We are not a transaction-centric firm, whereby your business problems and opportunities are just another tick in a box.

Instead, whether it be for our recruitment, staffing, talent management, training, workforce solutions or HR on demand services, we deploy relationship consulting, strategic planning, measurement and review. That means, our team will engage with you and accompany you to your success; putting our resources, know-how and extensive network at your disposal.


What tomorrow may bring, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is uncertain. However, we are fully committed to maintaining our standard of excellence and services fully operational throughout. We continue to identify, engage and serve our customers, with what we know best – workforce management. In addition, we have put in place relevant resources to help you, as an employer, to make sound and best-fitted HR decisions, addressing key topics such as interviewing and hiring, staffing and executive search.


In spite of social distancing measures, staying connected with us couldn’t get any easier. We’re present, where our clients need us. Feel free to engage with us or drop us a note on social media @Accendigroup and by attending our webinars. To stay up to date with industry insights and HR, Legal and Market news, we issue monthly newsletters and online training, which you can register or subscribe to.

All in all, our success is deeply rooted in understanding your business, culture and market. As such, we’d love to connect with you, to hear your story and discover the wealth of opportunities that our collaboration and long-term partnership will bring forth.


Fawn A. Hentrel

founder-Managing Partner

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