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Accendi Group Announces White Paper On "Is Your Organization Ready For A Digital Transformation?"

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

MEMPHIS, March 01, 2022 - Accendi Group, LLC, specialists in human resource and talent management solutions announced today the publication of "Is Your Organization Ready for A Digital Transformation?," which is available for download on their website

In it, Managing Partner, Fawn A. Hentrel of Accendi Group outlines how to determine if your employees are ready for Digital Transformation. The white paper offers thought leadership on how to fill open tech jobs with qualified candidates.

Today's workplace calls for employees to be digital-ready, meaning they require both technical and cognitive skills to effectively make use of software, productivity, and other company tools. If you want to know if your company is ready for digital transformation and how to tell if your staff are, the white paper will help you understand the situation and provide you advice on how to close the digital skills gap in your workforce.

The white paper discusses how companies can hire digitally savvy professionals and how they should evaluate, assess, prepare and act as they join their workforce. "In a constrained competitive market, we provide professional advice on Digital Skills, including how to use third-party recruitment process outsourcing to hire top talent," said Hentrel.

Consequently, the traditional methods of recruiting specialty or niche talent have changed, as recruiters can not go it alone. They must have buy-in and support from other HR departments such as compensation to create competitive compensation packages. This includes sponsorship from business leaders to be able to adjust to changing candidate/market expectations in real-time during the hiring process.

Accendi Group understands that in today’s digital age, organizations face constant change and disruption. Digital transformation is the key to future success, but this can be a daunting task — especially if you don’t know where to start. Accendi Group provides you with valuable resources to help you not only get started but navigate and deploy best practices throughout the talent management process.

Visit the website to read our latest perspective on "Digital Skills Readiness: Are Your Employees Prepared for the Digital Age?" and download a complimentary copy of "Is Your Organization Ready for A Digital Transformation?" White Paper.

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