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C O V I D - 1 9 MOVING FORWARD: Workforce Strategies to Accelerate Recovery

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Accendi Group's perspective for organizations to move forward, lead and re-energize their workforce to accelerate recovery through the crisis.

Reopening a business during COVID-19 will require reinvention and agility

Reopening a business during COVID-19 will require reinvention and agility as the country evolves from the crisis. Agility is beneficial for both the short-term and the long-term as it transforms to mitigate current challenges and prepare to address the future of work.

To reduce further economic fallout, leaders should consider seven main priorities to respond to the continued uncertainties in a post-coronavirus era.






How the purpose, potential, and perspective of a company plays a critical role in th path to recovery

Companies must align its purpose, potential, and perspective to quickly and efficiently get on the road to recovery.

The purpose of a company or an organization is to answer why the company does what it does. The answer guides a company’s business decisions through frameworks that enable the organization to achieve its goal and vision. A company's purpose is essential to guide it into the future. A purpose statement sets the internal expectations for management and employees as well as externally for customers, investors,

and partners.

A company's potential is the ability the company has to achieve its goals and visions while exceeding expectations.

A company's perspective involves the views of different stakeholders within the company. These viewpoints indicate how management and employees interact with activities at various locations and entities within the business. A company’s perspective can reveal the collaboration needed to fully embody the goals, values, and direction.

These concepts will play a vital role in the recovery process.

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