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Hiring For A Sr. Director, Talent Management

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


The Challenge

Our client had an immediate need for a Sr. Director, Talent Management. The role was newly created and had a lot of internal visibility, so the right professional who could gain the buy-in of an extremely diverse divisional leadership team was needed.

Ideally, we needed to find talent with the expertise and a track record of innovation in talent management who also suited the organization's culture. Because the organization was in a growth mode, we had to find candidates who could navigate an always-changing landscape as well as a fluid search process.

Why Accendi Group

Accendi Group specializes in searches for Human Resources leadership talent requiring unique and proven executive experience. In advance of presenting any candidate to a client, Accendi Group screens and assesses their fit using its proprietary methodology, with technologies, which are customized for the unique candidate profile of the role.

Our Approach

We began by sourcing candidates from industries that were known for innovation, like tech, financial services, and consumer products. The goal was to identify qualified executives who were experienced in talent acquisition, learning, and development who could lead a reorganized department unifying 5 different departments into one.

After an extensive process of sourcing hundreds of resumes, we deployed our proprietary BluePrint™ methodology that allowed our Recruitment Consultant and team to gain more insights on candidates in less time. In this way, the team was able to assess their personalities, along with their experience and skills. This allowed them to present the most qualified slate of seven highly qualified diverse candidates.

Through a series of interviews, our client selected four of them to move forward to the final round of interviews. Ultimately, they selected their top choice from the top three candidates, who had less experience than they originally imagined, but was a perfect culture fit, and received the approval from all stakeholders to be extended the job offer.

Our Results

Our client made a great hire, and our candidate continues to grow the talent management organization and innovates in learning, winning industry awards for the teams' achievement in talent development and talent acquisition.

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