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Hiring for Executive Talent, A Global, General Manager (GM)

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


The Challenge

Our client is one of the world's leading chemical companies serving advanced manufacturing markets needed a Global, General Manager to manage a business unit with 4 sites around the world. For the client, finding exceptional candidates who could meet all of their requirements had traditionally been difficult. In addition to extensive semiconductor manufacturing experience, candidates were required to have broad fab/oem operations in specific international markets which had proved very challenging.

A strong General Manager was needed to provide leadership of the business which was underperforming with the objective of re-establishing and implementing strategies for boosting the quality and improving the performance of the business.

Why Accendi Group

The company had previously contracted with another firm outside of the USA, which was unable to fulfill the search. Our track record of successful search projects introduced us to this client since we excel at finding hard-to-find executive talent beyond the traditional methods of many executive search firms.

We have successfully handled the most complex executive placement needs of our clients using our unique Blueprint™ search methodology to identify and engage passive talent on our clients' leadership opportunities.

Our Approach

With our research function, extensive database, a global network of potential candidates as well as the use of our people intelligence technology, we were able to find a candidate who would meet the needs of the company while being compatible with the company's culture.

Our Results

By understanding our client’s needs, the company was able to hire an experienced GM executive with industry experience to lead the company into future acquisitions to grow the global brand. Our client was so impressed with Accendi Group's results that it continues to work with our company to be an effective solution on their outsourced recruiting needs to fill positions in engineering and manufacturing to ensure they obtain a competitive advantage when they need to hire top talent.

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