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Hiring For An Experienced General Counsel

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


The Challenge

Our client needed an experienced General Counsel with more than legal expertise who could display broader thinking and possess team building, leadership skills, and collaborate well with leaders of other functions.

Why Accendi Group

Accendi Group was chosen to complete the search based on our track record of finding top diverse talent that not only had the skills and capabilities to lead, but finding the perfect match to fit into the culture of the organization.

Our Approach

After meeting with the Company executive leaders, Accendi Group search consultants analyzed the structure of the organization and developed a search strategy within 24 hours specifically tailored to our client’s culture, needs and expectations. We immediately were able to cast a wide net by connecting to our networks to offer our client the benefit of varied voices. Through our proprietary search methodology, Accendi Group was able to quickly identify, assess and present a short list of diverse candidates who not only had the experience, but the proven ability to quickly build the appropriate influence on the overall activities of the business with their colleagues and employees.

Our Results

The client hired an incredibly impressive and energetic seasoned General Counsel who had the gravitas, in-house counsel experience and the knowledge required for credibility with the board of directors, and senior management.

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