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Optimize Your Hiring Practices with Recruitment Services That Work-Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

What is RPO recruitment?

What is RPO recruitment?

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing service, which gives companies the opportunity to outsource all or part of their recruitment process to RPO service providers. A recruitment process outsourcing RPO provides organizations with timely hiring, niche recruiting expertise, technology, scalability, and cost savings.

RPO service providers can scale their RPO capability by leveraging resources across their locations as needed to handle the fluctuation of hiring talent. For organizations, this service could mean a wide range of benefits such as finding candidates with specialized skills for less than the time and costs of traditional hiring methods. Identifying candidates by industry with the expertise to fill key positions within the organization. This could also be the answer to coping with fluctuating demands in dynamic sectors where businesses are in constant flux.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing. It involves transferring all or most of an employer's recruiting operations or even some portion thereof to an outside recruiting service provider.

An RPO provider can leverage its expertise in several ways to include: providing its own or assuming company personnel, cutting edge technology, agile methodologies, and reporting with metrics that often go hand in hand with successful RPO engagements.

RPO providers are subject matter specialists; talent acquisition is a core competency. They understand the recruiting environment and stay current with the most recent technologies. They have the resources to scale recruiter capabilities to meet recruiting requirements and provide direct or indirect support to hiring managers similar to conventional recruiting models.

RPO teams become an extension of your internal team and culture providing scalability and real-time news on the recruiting market giving insights to hiring managers, leaders, and teams to help their organization compete and win the right talent.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies assist employers with global and local recruiting that can deploy an internal, remote, or hybrid team to fill open jobs. The RPO company can work with the talent acquisition leader to assume all or part of the talent acquisition process including helping you attract, acquire, interview, and hire the right talent while building business agility.

Find out if recruiting process outsourcing is beneficial for your business and how taking a step forward to outsource your recruiting with RPO can help build quality in your talent pipeline and scalability to provide you a better strategy with lower-cost recruitment models than hiring agency recruiters for direct hire contingency searches.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Models

For hiring niche talent, volume recruiting, or additional recruiters to meet the fluctuating demands of a business, rpo solutions are a good option. Organizations can choose from various models to get the recruitment support they need. Examples of Recruitment process outsourcing models include:

Full Service RPO -

Full-service, end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing takes care of all aspects of your company's recruitment process (sourcing, screening, management, employer branding, marketing, etc.).

Project-Based RPO -

Project-based RPO is the perfect solution for short-term hiring needs with defined goals that can be achieved in a specific time frame, allowing companies to continue to use their in-house recruitment teams for daily hiring while adding RPO skills for specific projects.

Recruiter On Demand -

Recruiter On Demand is a good choice when hiring needs fluctuate based on the quarter


A rpo+msp is a hybrid model that allows your internal recruiters to focus on their core duties while the RPO/MSP provider takes care of all your compliance requirements, including managing contingent worker compliance.

In most instances, to answer rpo what is recruitment is to first understand that most rpo models provide cost savings. However, some organizations may find that a rpo provider may charge based on their area of specialty as an expert in their field providing resources as a strategic partner to recruit niche candidates in markets that are typically constrained.

Create a Talent Pipeline with an RPO Recruiting Strategy

An RPO provider offers recruitment solutions benefits that enable organizations to build improved candidate pipelines by leveraging the years of expertise of the team and the recruiter's insights, resources, and technology of the business.

It's no secret that organizations need a well-thought-out strategy to attract great talents.

Developing a strategy that maximizes the talent acquisition pipeline while maintaining a candidate orientation approach allows the client to expand the scope of their recruiting program without compromising the experience of the candidate.

What is an outsourcing job?

out + sourcing, as the name implies, is any process where an organization delegates the responsibility and planning of any project and activity to another agency, rather than these being done internally.

While almost everything from marketing to customer support, accounting, and more can be outsourced, more companies tend to leverage outsourcing recruitment to attract top talents without lifting a finger, i.e without actually getting involved in the sourcing and selection processes.

Some of the key benefits of outsourcing jobs include;

  • Significant cost reduction

  • Shared responsibility

  • Reduced personnel costs

  • Ability to focus on core business operations

  • Access to a better quality of the outsourced services, which in the case of RPO can mean better quality hires.

What are examples of outsourcing?

There are many reasons why companies outsource to RPO providers. Some of these services that could be outsourced to RPO providers include:

  • Managing strategic candidate sourcing, screening, and interviews.

  • Handling candidate interviews as well as employee recruiting, onboarding, etc

  • Addressing high turnover rates and a rapidly retiring workforce (Industry Example: transportation and logistics)

  • HR needs and employer brand assessment

  • Assisting with sourcing quality technical talent with the right skills (Technology Recruiting Example: Sourcing top talent to lead the business to the future in challenging marketplaces)

  • Process reviews and applicant recommendations

  • Workforce planning and end-to-end-recruitment


When done right, the right RPO provider will provide RPO solutions to accelerate your business success. To achieve quality hires, it is important to look at your end-to-end hiring process and start with your employer brand to ensure you have designed your hiring strategy to attract high-quality talent rapidly and efficiently.

The above can be done by deploying hiring innovations throughout the recruitment process to gain competitive advantages while partnering with the right RPO provider who has the technology, innovative recruitment processes, and recruiters with the industry knowledge.

Regardless of outsourcing your recruitment for project RPO or end-to-end RPO, RPO providers provide solutions that can help you optimize your hiring process. When your workforce hiring requires high volume recruiting, an MSP can be a value add for human resources when your organization seeks diversified candidate pools across markets for selection.

Not only does this helps guarantee better quality hires, recruitment RPO is highly cost-effective and can also help boost an organization's competitiveness.

This article was written by Consultant, Crystal Mano.

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