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Hiring For A Learning Supervisor

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


The Challenge

Our client needed an experienced learning manager with a background supporting over 10k employees with proven change management experience in this redesigned role.

Why Accendi Group

Accendi Group specializes in niche searches for Human Resource placements from entry-level to executive. With our firms focus on human resource and human capital services, our team of Recruitment Consultants have deep specialization within their respective HR verticals. This team could very quickly identify, match, assess and submit profiles that were not only on target to the client’s requirements but meet the crucial delivery time.

Our Approach

Our Accendi Group Recruitment team used the proprietary Blueprint™ Methodology search process and leveraged the integrated recruitment team’s knowhow. This team included a researcher, recruitment developer specialist and recruitment consultant to conduct a targeted search utilizing multiple avenues integrating the latest in technology sourcing to communicate, identify, assess, and market to candidates with the required background.

Our Results

Accendi Group accepted the challenge, and our functionally aligned recruitment team went to work providing candidates that not only meet the requirements but the preferred skills. True to form, the candidate we found had demonstrated experience from a well-respected organization with over 16k+ employee, and a proven track record of change management and process improvement of learning performance. This candidate has been with the organization for four years. Accendi Groups placement has far exceeded the client’s expectations and our candidate continues to thrive in the culture and deliver best in class learning solutions and experiences throughout the organization. Accendi Group still maintains a strong business partnership with the organization today.

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