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RPO Services: What You Need To Know

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Do you have a business that is looking for ways to improve its bottom line? One way to do this is by outsourcing your workforce. As a company, it can be difficult to find the time and resources necessary to take care of all of your needs. Additionally, you might want to add some additional recruitment support for your recruiters on talent acquisition projects where third-party support can help you meet your increased hiring needs or add another recruiting expertise to support varied recruitment projects. Outsourcing allows you to bring on talent who are experts in their field and whom you don't need to, which will save money over the long run.

In reality, Recruitment Process Outsourcing better known as RPO Services involve much more than many people think. Let's look at how a flexible outsourcing solution can benefit your business from the recruitment process.

RPO Models Offer a Fluid Recruiting Process

The recruitment process is not cut and dry. There are many things that need to be considered, such as the business objectives, any contingent workforce talent sourcing, hiring manager's needs, support from your internal recruitment team for interview coordination and candidate feedback/evaluation, hiring costs, and finally legal considerations like reference checks and background verification. An RPO service can provide help with all of these steps in addition to making sure nothing falls between the cracks.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partners can offer a range of services that work as an extension to your talent acquisition team, including finding candidates and managing the recruitment. You determine what pieces or all parts you would like them to outsource - some companies decide only certain positions require contracting with RPOs while others will have their entire hiring handled by business process outsourcing recruiting providers for one department, business unit, if not the entire business.

You should expect an RPO provider to have dedicated recruiters and talent acquisition support roles to work alongside your internal team on recruitment projects. As a strategic partnership, this relationship can drive your workforce planning, employer branding, recruiting, and technology initiatives in a single-source provider.

RPO provider

Companies looking to maximize their talent acquisition strategy can partner with an RPO to help them locate high quality talent that is often untapped. RPO companies provide clients recruiting resources that leverage their sourcing practices in conjunction with technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence in addition to traditional job boards. With this approach, businesses can optimize hiring in tight labor markets, and utilize third-party talent solutions to assist with major hiring spikes or support specific projects.

All of these initiatives can be carried out simultaneously using a hybrid recruitment process outsourcing model, which allows the recruiters to continue building talent pipelines, finding top talent faster while increasing the recruiting effectiveness. Overall, giving the business a competitive advantage resulting in much better performing new hires when unique hiring approaches are deployed.

Additionally, RPO services can also handle recruitment marketing, a function of employer branding, which has been overlooked for too long by many companies. If you are spending money on recruitment advertising and haven't seen any results in your talent pipeline lately, it may be time to consider working with an expert in this area to help get your company the exposure it deserves.

An RPO process can extend beyond the marketing to include the screening process to include the assessment, qualifying, interviewing to the offer negotiation process with candidates. The value a recruitment process outsourcing company adds far exceeds their compensation because results often speak louder than words when it comes to prioritizing time spent working towards hiring goals by external recruiters vs internal recruitment teams. Companies can also benefit from receiving real-time market information and candidate insights to share with hiring managers and human resources to help them quickly adjust their recruitment process to attract quality talent for the varied business initiatives.

Whether you use an RPO program to solve a specific problem or not, or for cost savings, proper deployment can minimize the time and resources spent by your recruiting team on time-consuming, internal tasks. The result is a proven and cost-effective recruitment solution for your organization that enhances the power of your workforce.

RPO Vendor, RPO Solutions Are Not Staffing Agencies

Some people might think that RPOs are the same as staffing firms. But they are different. Staffing firms can be brought in when an organization needs temporary or direct hires, but RPO providers can help with larger-scale hiring waves with a business unit. RPOs are useful when you need to fill many open positions quickly, for example, in the technology or healthcare sectors, or when you're relocating or opening a business. An RPO vendor will find candidates who match your company's culture as well as those with the right skills. RPOs can assist their clients by being an extension of their employer brands and providing their recruiting expertise improving the top-of-the-funnel sourcing strategies.

Talent solutions provided by RPOs are customized programs delivered through a rpo model ranging from permanent recruitment, enterprise rpo, project rpo, or candidate sourcing that can be implemented in your hiring process. As a result, these programs are agile enough to support spikes in hiring demands by aligning flexible teams to meet talent needs. It is a scalable recruitment option for companies that need to fill open positions quickly. Moreover, RPO providers can assist in finding candidates that meet your organization's needs to build a pipeline of talent while providing your candidates with your company's unique candidate experience- while helping you build employer brand awareness as well.

Consider RPO to Increase Hiring Effectiveness

Companies use RPOs to solve labor problems. RPOs also have flexible, pricing options to support the varied needs of each recruitment process outsourcing engagement. RPO companies can be paid in a variety of ways, including cost-per-hire, cost-per-transaction, flat monthly rates based on projected monthly hires, and management fee plans.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers benefit from advanced technologies and recruitment platforms, enabling them to engage, recruit, and onboard employees more efficiently. RPO providers benefit from advanced technologies, recruitment platforms, and workforce flexibility, enabling them to engage, recruit, and onboard employees more efficiently.

An RPO provider who is well qualified can decrease the time it takes to hire a candidate by up to 55%, according to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, in addition to improving candidate quality. RPO solutions have been shown to reduce overall costs per hire by 20 percent or more.

RPO: Is it right for your organization?


Is RPO right for your organization? This is a question that should be looked at from a return on investment (ROI) perspective or if it can boost your recruiting efforts. There are four specific ways in which RPO solutions can add value to support your internal talent acquisition needs -- consulting, end-to-end, project-based, and skill-based.

It's also important to understand the areas where there may be gaps in the skills and technology of your internal recruiters capabilities and technology to support the seasonal and rapid growth hiring.

When choosing the right RPO provider and/or RPO solution, access to technology and pipelines loaded with good quality candidates, cultural adaptations, cost reduction, RPO models, recruiting methodologies, and sourcing technologies remain key.

Internal talent acquisition teams face a major challenge in scaling up recruitment to support growth. As a talent acquisition partner, an RPO can better manage the fluctuating recruiting needs of the business. With dedicated staff, experienced recruiters, advanced recruiting technology, and social recruiting methods, RPOs are well-equipped to meet evolving recruiting needs. In business, agility is critical, and a responsive and proactive approach to talent acquisition with an RPO partner can help organizations be nimble and adaptable.

RPO recruitment can be a valuable asset to your bottom line

RPO can be a valuable asset to companies looking for an increase in their bottom line and hiring the right talent. RPO services can be a great recruitment tool for any organization that is looking to increase its recruiting effectiveness, save money and/or time while maintaining its recruitment standards. If you want your company to grow as fast as possible, this is certainly one way of doing it!

An RPO provider can offer many benefits to its clients recruiting challenges including helping them identify the right talent for the right roles for their hiring needs. Your organization's hiring and talent acquisition processes can be enhanced significantly by a well-designed RPO program, regardless of its size. By engaging the right RPO partner for some or all of your recruiting functions, it can make all the difference in hiring top talent or missing out on the best talent altogether.

If you want your business to achieve its recruitment goals in the most efficient way possible, working with outside recruitment experts who have worked on an end to end solution, project RPO, or similar projects before will provide added value to your internal resources and increase the chances of success. The benefits of recruitment process outsourcing programs are centered around flexibility and agility. As a result, they can be seen as a proven turnkey industry solution to strengthen your workforce.

If you are considering working with an RPO provider, we would be delighted to pitch you. With specialization in helping companies attract top talent by skills and develop their digital and technical capabilities. We specialize in tech recruiting for end to end, projects, and sourcing.

To learn about how our approach and methodology differs from traditional RPO and agencies, please feel free to contact us today.

This article was written by Fawn Hentrel, Managing Partner.

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