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The Best Recruiting Techniques Secrets Uncovered

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Recruiting is one of the most challenging aspects of any company. You need to find the best talent, convince them that your company is worth their time and attention, and do it all before your competitors snap them up. It’s no wonder even the biggest companies have a hard time recruiting.

There are so many different factors that go into hiring great people, but luckily there are some companies that have set the bar high when it comes to recruiting. Whether you’re looking for new employees or just trying to get inspired, look at these examples of fantastic recruiting and what they did right—maybe they can be your new role models!

What companies are best at recruiting?

1. Eden: Stand-out total rewards to win talent.

Eden is not only dedicated to its employees, but also to its candidates. Eden acquired Managed by Q an office management platform that excelled in the total rewards package. The company positioned itself by paying a competitive compensation and benefits package to compete and to win the race to acquire quality talent. Through considerable data collection and evaluation, the business observed that traditional pens of success like education and learning, industry experience and referrals from companies were not closely associated with success amongst their employees. Instead, they determined the character attributes of positive outlook and compassion, were areas of focus the company could develop the meeting process by assessing these high qualities.

The company collected and analyzed loads of data and found that traditional indicators of success, such as education and training, industry experience, and referrals from previous employers, didn’t seem to be related to employee success. The best game-changing method for enhancing the candidate's experience is to eliminate unnecessary phases from the interview process and focus on discovering the top traits of high potential employees. It not only shows that you value prospects' time and efforts, but it also boosts your chances of hiring people who are a good fit for your organization.

2. Inside view through personalization online and onsite.

What is the website all about? It's a fun, interactive multimedia experience that provides content for job seekers. The site provides candidates with information about different occupations as well as videos about their prospective colleagues, and A Day in the Life of several occupations.

The website provides blogs, pictures, videos, infographics, across all social media platforms and also has a question and answer on frequently asked candidate questions. Jobseekers can also create a job alert, so they receive immediate notifications when an ideal job is posted. excels in extending candidate content beyond what is available on the website, such as through events like Recruiting Hiring Day, which brings their workforce including staff and candidates together at the company's headquarters.

3. Airbnb: From Imagination to Storyboarding the candidate's experience.

Storyboards have been used by recruiting teams at Airbnb to imagine each phase of the candidate journey. Storyboards provide an image of how they can make the guest and host experience on Airbnb easier, better, and more appealing. The meeting process is just one technique used to create storyboards to imagine how the team might work with candidates to picture how they can improve, enhance, and simplify the experience. The pictures reflect the team’s views on recruitment. Every image is both essential and unique, yet when considered as a whole, they create a distinct picture that is greater than the sum of its parts resulting in the Airbnb, recruiting departments 'Every Framework Matters' talent acquisition teams storyboard.

As a result of the process, the team identified several areas they wanted to focus on and improve because of this process of deeply empathizing with candidates. For example, focus areas included how to gracefully dismiss candidates, establish assumptions about timing, while celebrating the culture and brand of Airbnb in the candidate’s onsite experiences and interactions.

4. NerdWallet: Developing genuine connections with candidates.

By creating a unique candidate experience, NerdWallet takes relationship-building seriously. Recruiters comb through candidates' social media accounts to learn about their favorite meals and sports teams so that they may generate hyper-personalized outreach across various stages of the recruiting process. They strategically share the benefits package with candidates before extending a deal, giving them time to discuss it with their families and make an informed decision. During an onsite interview, candidates are given a tour of the onsite facility and an overview of the company's perks, which include happy hours, a gym subsidy, an education stipend, and free food for onsite. This modest gesture adds to the feeling of inclusion, allowing prospects to learn more about NerdWallet's workplace culture.

The examples we've cited here provide a clear sense of how broad the idea of candidate experience really is. It isn't just the short time when a candidate visits your workplace for an onsite interview, or during the talent attraction phase before they apply, but every interaction they have with recruiters, hiring managers, and other members of your organization. Consider the big picture, how your company perceives employees and what values are most important, but don't forget to pay attention to the little details as well. By integrating approaches that are unique to your talent acquisition process, you can create a game-changing candidate experience that positions your employer brand in a positive light.

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This article was written by Managing Partner, Fawn Hentrel.

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