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Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Memphis

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing- The cost effective outsourced talent attraction solution

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Service is completely customized to you, making it easier for you to find the people that you need for your business. At Accendi Group we can provide a full end-to-end service, taking care of everything from sourcing to screening, assessing, and interviewing as well as referencing, reporting, and offers of employment. Alternatively, we can simply recruit on demand for specific positions as you need them, or search for candidates for a specific project. Our service is as flexible as you need it to be so you can pick and choose exactly what suits your circumstances.

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What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?

What is an RPO? It stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and this business process outsourcing service is becoming more and more popular with companies all over the world. A RPO provider offers a flexible service model, and manages the hiring process from start to finish providing the client a recruitment process outsourcing solution.


Using an RPO service means that RPO providers can manage all of the talent acquisition process from candidate sourcing, employer branding, communications, selecting and hiring from the location that best fits the HR departments requirements. This means services can be performed onsite with the client, remote from the RPO service providers office or a hybrid model of onsite and remote to the RPO provider. Either way the RPO solution is deployed, the RPO's goal is to bring qualified candidates to the employer with minimal involvement from the internal HR staff. 

How does Recruitment Process Outsourcing Work?

The most traditional solution for outsourcing recruitment is through a recruitment company. A recruitment company is an organization that specializes in finding qualified candidates for a job opening. The recruiter will work with the applicants throughout the hiring process and the employer to meet their hiring needs.

A recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service is the ideal way to make your recruitment process far simpler and easier to manage. There is no need to deal with the formalities of recruiting. RPO companies can offer an end to end solution, recruit by project, or source talent. The goal of an RPO provider is to save you time and money by focusing on:


  • Technology to source candidates with better skills

  • Lower administrative expenses 

  • Access the right talent pool at a more reasonable cost 

  • Leverage contract-based staff to reduce internal full-time headcount costs


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Accendi's RPO Model At Work 

Once our expert RPO team has assessed your requirements, we get to work, taking on the burden of sourcing talent as your internal recruiters, so you can return to focusing on your core business. Our job as your external provider is to give you peace of mind, simply supplying the right talent at the right time often in a tight labor market, so you can streamline your business and focus on growth. 

In all RPO models, an individual (you or your recruiter) will be working with an RPO Talent Acquisition (TA) consultant to put best practice RPO solutions at work for your end to end RPO (full service rpo) or project RPO (project-based rpo) engagement. The TA consultant will conduct candidate screening obtain a candidate's profile, including skills, experience and requirements and assess the candidate to the hiring needs of the job. Our RPO solution talent acquisition team will work closely with the client's internal team to schedule interviews and provide feedback on each candidate. This process will take place by Accendi Group as your RPO service provider implementing the most innovative and efficient technology implementation on each engagement with automations and practices to recruit and assess talent. 


Every engagement with Accendi Group begins with a Master Service Agreement that outlines our working relationship as it relates to your business initiatives, and a Statement of Work that defines our role in terms of workforce planning and recruiting. We use Service Level Agreements, in addition to our Key Performance Indicators to demonstrate our commitment to delivering the highest quality standard of talent analytics. 

With Accendi Group's proven track record, our recruiting process outsourcing customers experience cost savings and reduced hiring time, allowing them to quickly fill open positions with the best talent available.


We remove the subjective from hiring

Finding talent and assessing talent against the client requirements is key to our strategic partnership as your on demand RPO service provider.


We don't rely on one single market or approach to source. Using a multi-channel strategy with an integrated recruiting and industry team, we deploy our proprietary methodology, which combines machine learning, a candidate database, and an internal team network of industry contacts.

After sourcing the talent, we perform several interviews, using competency-based interviewing practices, and talent scorecards to ensure our hiring process is objective.

The Accendi Group RPO Advantage

We invest in the most efficient processes and technology. Accendi Group offers significant scalable outsourced recruiting advantages by leveraging our trusted relationships with organizations, associations, and vendors. When you need to connect with the contingent workforce, technical or skilled talent, we go beyond the traditional job board postings to put our RPO proprietary methodologies in practice for your hiring needs.

As your RPO provider, we want to ensure smooth management and operation of your hiring process. Our RPO talent acquisition team casts a “wide-net” in order to develop a talent pool reflective of our target industries and job requirements.


By partnering with Accendi Group, you align your organization with a committed RPO solutions partner with strategic alliances and partnerships that foster our commitment to offer unparalleled customer service and tools that optimize your profits, performance, and people.

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Accendi RPO ― We Go the Extra Mile

Accendi Group prides itself on its flexible approach to meeting your on demand RPO recruitment needs. With the right framework in place, there is no need for the process of sourcing talent to be drawn-out and expensive, we can simply scale the process both up and down to reflect your business obligations, working effortlessly as your partner.

For us, success is seeing how our clients thrive. That is why we work so hard to go above and beyond every time, putting in place end to end RPO processes, talent attraction strategies, and reporting systems so you can rest assured we are doing all we can for your business.


All Accendi Group RPO outsourcing services come with a talent acquisition team that becomes an extension of your business. Our team is you, reflecting your employer brand, speaking the same language to further extend your employment brand to attract and hire top talent.


“Accendi was a critical and valued partner in helping us assess and improve our public safety recruiting practices. Their knowledge and coaching made a difference in helping us hire over 100 recruits.” 

—  Alex Smith, CHRO City of Memphis

Why Choose Accendi Group RPO Services

Because we know how to make recruitment much easier for businesses.  A recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service is the ideal way to make your recruitment process far simpler and easier to manage. There is no need to deal with the formalities of recruiting; we will do all the hard work for you, saving you time and money. We understand the process of recruiting can be a nightmare for a large variety of reasons.


You might not have the staff available to support high volume recruiting. You might even not be able to access enough candidates for positions in the first place, even if you try a number of different sources. 

With our RPO outsourcing solutions, we can scale to support high volume recruiting with our high volume RPO, while also working with your hiring managers to select the companies to target with the best potential talent. It’s also much quicker and cost effective than any other approach you might have tried. 

As an advantage of partnering with Accendi Group, our recruitment team will leverage our talent database to identify talent for your permanent jobs and staff for short-term contracts.

When you choose Accendi Group, we provide your business with many benefits including an off site team that stands ready to extend your employer branding to find your right talent match that fits into your culture while reducing your time to hire as your true RPO hiring partner. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Accendi will give you a quality solution that suits your requirements for full life cycle, or project based recruiting.

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Accendi Group Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is what sets us apart from our peers, we work as part of your team, no matter what RPO solution we are offering. We guarantee our RPO models will take the administrative recruitment work off your plate. Accendi Group provides your company with talent analytic insights, as we perform the required RPO work focused on identifying and attracting quality candidates for every engagement. 

Read our Employer FAQs to learn more.