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Recruitment Services in Memphis

Executive Recruiter and Managed Services Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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Highly effective recruiting and selection services designed
to get you heard and stand-out


Recruit the right talent faster and cost-effectively

Accendi Group understands you need people. We want to change how you think about what type of candidates you need for your workforce in order to position you for long-term success.

We help you get it right the first time by focusing on finding that perfect match and deploying the right talent attraction strategies, and to help you put the best talent in place to achieve your desired goals.

Recruiting Services | Talent Attraction Specialties

Successful recruitment and retention starts with having the right top talent. Working with us you will find out how Accendi Groups got our hard-earned reputation. We use our own trusted techniques, tools, and proven methodologies throughout the entire process to support your business.

Recruitment services provided

Standout in the noise

Our recruiting and staffing services team positions you for success. Accendi Group is a full-service, innovative recruitment firm that specializes in finding the best talent for its clients. We get you started with highly skilled practitioners to help your company find success by:

  • branding messages,

  • digital tools,

  • communications,

  • assessments,

  • sourcing techniques and more.


If you want an edge over the competition when it comes to attracting top candidates while also increasing retention rates, choose Accendi Group.

Why we are leaders

With over 85 years of key personnel combined experience, we know that for our clients to be successful, we have to deliver hiring strategies. These Strategies will do more than get you started, they will fill positions with the right person and not just a body for our clients to be successful.

Our experienced and seasoned practitioners design unique job hiring solutions that create the best candidate experience throughout each touchpoint of the talent attraction process. In addition, our highly skilled team is committed to connecting you to the right professional, on the agreed-upon time frame. 

Read our Employer FAQs to learn more.

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Recruiting Top Talent Solutions

Tailored employment talent strategies to accelerate each hire

Accendi Group's recruitment services team has designed a highly proven recruiting services model built on:

  1. consulting,

  2. creativity,

  3. experience,

  4. and technology.


Those 4 of a kind services are what fuels our "next level" recruiting service. That's also how we to get to know your business'

  • goals,

  • challenges,

  • and victories.


We can create that unique talent attraction strategy. Our successful recruitment service approach is to help you connect to pre-vetted qualified candidates and make the best top talent match for your business.  

Choose Accendi Group

If you are looking for a recruitment and staffing agency that can help you transform how you manage your workforce, Accendi Group can assist you with tailored solutions. Our expertise in career management and sourcing will ensure that we have the right talent today, as well as tomorrow. We offer integrated data-driven solutions to optimize practices and reduce HR issues.


Our hiring process is continuously improved with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, so you can hire faster, smarter, and more precisely.

Unique Recruitment Process...Tailored to Win

Extraordinarily high staffing solutions and multi-channel sourcing

We deploy our four R's approach mixed with our innate understanding of how to accelerate your hiring to attract suitable candidates, and this sets us apart from all the others.

We establish service levels to fulfill each job search with targeted recommendations and proven practices to fill open positions. Our standards and understanding make us recruitment hiring experts. 

Contact us today if this sounds like something you need.        

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