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5 Tips:
Remote Team Social Connection Checklist

An Accendi resource
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As remote and virtual working trends continue to grow, managers are more concerned than ever about maintaining social connections while leading remote workers and virtual teams.

What's Inside?

  • Understand the difference between remote working and virtual teams.

  • Engagement strategies to encourage virtual team building

  • Strategies for casual conversations to form strong social connections, relationships, and trust.

  • Virtual/Remote team tools to promote collaboration between virtual and remote team members.

A Free Guide for Managers

Help your remote
teams flourish

Our 5 Tips: Remote team social connection checklist and manager's guide provides tips on staying connected, engaging your employees and teams, and how to execute effective meetings and events to improve the productivity and engagement of remote employees and virtual teams, even with little time to prepare.

transform your business

The opportunity to expand your company’s business and workforce is not only exciting for the vast number of small to large size companies exploring remote hiring for the first time but also potentially transformational.


Our deep industry experience and focus on quality over quantity allows Accendi Group to be a true partner in our employees’ and clients’ successes.

No matter whether a company needs talent for remote or office-based roles, we will never take shortcuts, and we take pride in assisting companies in achieving their goals to attract and retain top talent.


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