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Top HR Recruitment Agency

Human Resources is a vast discipline with many practice areas that range from generalist to specialist functions that can be deployed in an organization depending on the needs of the business. We are regarded as an award-winning HR and Talent solutions firm that offers boutique HR recruiting firm services. Long-term relationships are important to us. We never take shortcuts with our clients. We take pride in being a true partner in our clients’ successes.

To be a top HR recruitment agency, Accendi Group recognizes that our recruiters must have a solid grasp of the HR area in order to attract and engage top talent for our clients. That is why our HR recruitment agency hires HR experts with human resource knowledge and vast hr experience to ensure we put our HR expertise to work for our clients.

Each time we engage a client for an HR role, our HR headhunters first conduct a Discovery to better understand the client's HR needs and the current state of the department.

What Sets Us Apart

After determining the position's location whether it is in the corporate office or in the field, a human resources recruiter examines the role's specific requirements. Our team of HR headhunters are accomplished HR practitioners with expert knowledge and vast HR professional talent networks of high-quality HR professionals. Accendi Group's proprietary methodologies match you with the right human resources talent based on your requirements, including company culture fit.

After our discovery process, we deploy our proprietary methodologies to deploy a customized talent search strategy to meet your hiring requirements on time without taking any shortcuts. Once we make the perfect match, our clients have talent that drives their teams and business to continued success.

Accendi Group recruits creative talent in the practice areas of:



Accendi Group has played a critical role in helping us keep up with our need for HR talent by providing us with top talent. Our need to fill open roles with key talent across our divisions plays a critical role in our talent strategy. I would highly recommend their recruitment services to fill important roles across your organization.

Hire Talent

Need to hire creative talent? Let us know more about your requirements and we'll match you with the right talent for the right roles.

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