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Top Manufacturing Recruitment Agency

Manufacturing is a key driver of the world’s economy. The sector’s rapid growth and need for skilled employees make it an attractive option for companies looking to expand and grow their operations.

Accendi Group professional staffing and recruitment division recruiters are highly trained and experienced in our proprietary methodology to help you expand your manufacturing talent pool. Recruiters will find the right people for your company with proven experience that drives results. We're committed to being flexible about what kind of recruiting search you need to be done. If it's a management position or something more specific like continuous improvement skills, we are ready to engage with you.

Our recruiters have many years of placement experience at various levels and industries, as well as access to our database, people intelligence platforms, and extensive networks.

What Sets Us Apart

When it comes to Operations and Manufacturing Management, the focus is on leadership with a quality performance from each member of the team. Accendi Group recruiters understand the importance of having quality production team members that are experts in these fields. That is why each manufacturing recruiters networks and engages top talent that is up-to-date with compliance and health and environmental safety regulations. Our manufacturing talent has a very impressive record of taking their expertise and applying it to the development, construction, or fabrication processes to help their companies succeed.

We don't settle for traditional interview questions when hiring - we always go beyond to investigate the candidate's market knowledge, abilities, and past performances.

Before we get started with sourcing the right person for your position, our team of manufacturing recruiters will conduct a Discovery to understand what you need and want in a qualified individual. Following this meeting, our proprietary methodology begins which includes employer-branded strategies attracting talent as well as using our extensive network of potential candidates who match both your needs and preferences. We work hard to ensure that there is an appropriate cultural fit between each possible candidate.

Accendi Group recruits creative talent in the practice areas of:



Working with Accendi Group has been an excellent experience over the past two years. They are responsible for retaining top talent in key positions within our nationwide organization, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a recruiting company.

Hire Talent

Need to hire creative talent? Let us know more about your requirements and we'll match you with the right talent for the right roles.

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