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Digital Marketing Recruiters

Marketing Recruiters

Recruiters from the Accendi Group are highly educated and trained in our proprietary methodology to help you expand your marketing talent pool. Through our recruiting techniques, we guarantee that our clients hire marketing professionals with the highest level of talent.

Accendi Group recruiters are prepared to help with a variety of job searches, including strategic marketing, product marketing and digital marketing. Our marketing recruiters have a wealth of experience placing exceptional marketing candidates in both digital and conventional marketing roles.

Marketing positions have continued to grow, and research suggests that demand for marketing expertise is unstoppable, with those with digital marketing abilities in particularly high demand. In addition to the need for marketing professionals with specialties, the increased use of social media and software continues to require companies to hire quality talent to meet the demand.

What Sets Us Apart

To gain a genuine understanding of the candidate, Accendi Group marketing recruiters go beyond traditional interview questions by examining the candidate's market knowledge, abilities, and past performance.

Before we begin the sourcing process, our team of marketing recruiters conducts a Discovery with each client to understand the needs and priorities of the position. We strive to ensure that we focus on the cultural fit of the candidate to make the best marketing match for your position regardless of the role's location, hybrid or remote.

Following the meeting, we begin the proprietary methodology, which includes employer-branded strategies for attracting talent. We use our extensive marketing talent network and database to identify, assess, and recommend unmatched marketing talent that meets both your needs and your preferences.

Accendi Group recruits creative talent in the practice areas of:



I had a great experience with my Accendi Recruiter. She presented me well to the hiring manager and executed the entire process flawlessly. I am now in a great role and working for a good Media company thanks to her hard work!

Hire Talent

Need to hire creative talent? Let us know more about your requirements and we'll match you with the right talent for the right roles.

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