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Talent Management Consulting

Talent Management Consulting that makes a difference.

We know HR. We optimize human capital.

Perhaps you have existing talent management processes in place, but they need some sprucing up. Or maybe you are starting from scratch and need to establish talent management strategies or transforming programs.

That's where Accendi Group comes in to help alleviate some of these worries for you so that you can focus on what really matters. Our team of dedicated and friendly talent management consultants will help equip you with the strategies, data, tools, resources, and advisory you need to expand your business with confidence.

From workforce solutions to systems and everything in between, we have you covered. With Accendi Group by your side, you already have an advantage over the competitors. What's stopping you from scaling successfully with proficient workforce planning?

What is Talent Management?

Talent management is the process of attracting and retaining people who have the skill sets to contribute to the bigger picture set forth by the organization. The intent is to develop and motivate high-performing team members efficiently and effectively.

The talent management process touches on all areas of human resources, from employee onboarding to performance management and beyond. The pivotal piece to talent management recognizes the nexus between top talent and value.


At Accendi Group, we provide a full service of talent management consulting solutions.

Workforce Solutions

What services do human resource consultants offer?

HR Consulting Practice Areas

Employee Planning

The first step for successful talent management is developing and organizing goals. With our findings, we create a strategic plan to implement action in favor of those goals. This includes identifying key roles and members to help reach those goals. 

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Before we dive into a new talent strategy, we evaluate the existing talent you have in-house. This cost-effective approach enables you to recognize and cultivate key talent on an internal and external level. 

Employee Performance

It is essential to pair the top talent with the proper position for optimal performance. Ultimately, we are ensuring the roles and responsibilities align with one another in favor of achieving goals with adequate business strategy for the best strategic workforce. 

Career Development

The bottom line, skills are the new currency. Employers need to take inventory of their workforce or talent ecosystem to find talent quickly or identify talent that is needed to be successful in adapting to the future of work. Companies must be agile and respond to the increased environmental changes, and we can assist you in developing innovative learning programs to help your workforce form new skills or reskill.

Succession Planning 

Accendi Group’s consultants understand having the right talent to fill your leadership role is critical to your organization’s success. We go beyond evaluating your existing talent to review your current and future business challenges and explore the future leadership talent needed. Our succession planning approach utilizes talent assessment data and performance history to create a pipeline of potential talent identifying fit for key leadership roles. Move your business forward with confidence knowing you have the right people in the right roles alleviating and automating your offboarding stress.

What does a talent management consultant do?

A talent management consultant is your right hand for procuring high-valued talent for an organization. Unlike in-house talent management teams, consultants are solely focused on helping you expand and build a strong team that takes your organization to the next level.

The most significant benefit of partnering with a talent management consultant is the level of attention to detail and systematic approach that delivers results.

Our team of skilled talent management consultants at Accendi Group is equipped with the experience and knowledge to deliver results that surpass expectations. We help formulate  thorough strategies that gain, retain, and motivate others to get the most out of your employees.

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How do companies use Talent Management?

Talent management improves overall business performance by engaging employees, which ultimately leads to higher client satisfaction. The underlying goal is to build a high-performance workplace, and it starts with evaluating existing business goals to make strategic objectives.

Talent management is a fundamental business goal for a growing company, and proper strategy can give you a competitive edge. With a robust team dedicated to helping you reach those goals, your organization will be unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with in your desired industry.

With strategy and consistency in mind, Accendi Group will help your business scale for success with a strategic workforce. We take pride in delivering beyond the average expectations of talent management. We strive to reach critical levels of talent strategy growth and nurture talent relationships with an inclusive talent management system.

Talent Management Consulting Practice Areas

Talent management covers several practice areas to ensure your organization is set up with the best talent strategy. We help optimize your business, hiring, and engagement programs for success with robust talent strategies that deliver distinct competitive advantages connected to analysis. Here's how our team of skilled and friendly consultants can help you create a promising future for your business. 

Organizational Development

We place emphasis on improving your organization's capabilities using strategy, structure, people, and management processes. Organizational Development stems from culture, behavior, education, and research to reach optimal effectiveness. Consider us your innovative right-hand problem solvers when it comes to human resources. 

Performance Management

We partner with you to evaluate and improve the overall performance management system to ensure it reflects effective best practices while keeping all employees engaged and motivated. 

Technology Development

  • Review and audit your current system. First and foremost, we will determine the scope and type of audit. We will develop the questionnaire, collect the data and benchmark our findings. This includes providing feedback from the results and creating an action plan with recommendations.  

  • Applicant Tracking System Selection. We understand that the ATS is the backbone of recruiting technology and that is why we partner with you to identify the ATS providers that are able to meet your requirements and achieve recruiting enablement allowing your business to realize improvements in recruiting efficiency, candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, and quality of hire. 

  • Pre-Implementation Consulting. For every successful project in your organization, we enable a pre-implementation strategy that brings efficiency full circle. During this stage, we assess the priorities to create a productive outline for the anticipated outcomes. 

  • Integration Consulting. At Accendi Group, we are with you every step of the way during the integration process. We will help advise the process of integrating technological systems to ensure they work together seamlessly. 

  • Integration Management. With consideration of every moving piece, we help coordinate integration management from start to finish. This includes but is not limited to resources, tasks, and stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure the team, and all information is synchronized for the best outcome possible. 

Talent Acquisition

  • Talent Acquisition Process Design. Based on your company's needs, we will design and develop a talent acquisition process that is unique to your organization's goals and objectives fueled by technology, creativity, employer brand, data and employee experience.

  • Employment Branding. We will ensure your organization's branding consistently tells your story, culture and people brand narrative to ensure you attract and retain talent that your business needs to succeed. Your employment brand is fundamental to winning. 

  • Sourcing Resources. From talent attraction sourcing strategy reviews, evaluation of your approach, recommendations on a multi-channel approach, recruitment technology to creative program designs, we will position your sourcing practices and process for success accelerating your talent attraction to winning hiring outcomes.

  • Onboarding Strategies and Program Design. Onboarding is one of the critical functions of effective talent management. Our goal is to improve the employee experience. So we take a closer look at your onboarding practices to provide you with gap analysis and insights on how to create, fine tune and execute your practices to ensure a comprehensive and hands-on onboarding process that is well balanced and harmonious to the team. 

Why Choose Accendi Group Talent Management Consulting?

From the start, Accendi Group takes pride in delivering a result-driven approach to building the best team possible for your organization on a global level. Every successful business begins with a connected internal team. With Accendi Group as your partner, you can trust that we will create and integrate talent management practices seamlessly to support your organization in the long run.

Are you ready to build an innovative strategic workforce founded on an unstoppable team that gives you a competitive advantage in your industry? We will help you become a leading organization in your field with the diversity and tools that will leave a lasting impact.

Talent Management Consulting
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