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Accendi Group values customer success, and we know that our success as a service provider is solely based on your business's successes. One of the significant challenges in today's business world is managing a temporary workforce and studies show that organizations will continue to expand their use of contingent workers to maintain more flexibility in workforce management. 

In addition, we are a manage service provider for those in need of workers or other business-related assistance such as technical support to help recruit, track and manage contingent workers or someone with contingent workforce information technology software knowledge.

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Managed Service Providers for your Contingent Workforce

Putting your focus on the future of work is a great way to ensure your business is positioned for success. Our manage service provider programs are designed to provide visibility into contracts, invoices, and suppliers where studies show companies have been challenged in seeing visibility.

We don't just sell Temporary Staffing Services

Accendi Group is your strategic managed service provider when it comes to unifying contingent labor under a single supplier. We help ideate, plan, and execute consistent processes that empower suppliers the insights and automation needed to achieve their perfect talent matches in a sustainable way.

We can provide qualified people to temporarily support an in-house IT team, manage your temporary workers across your enterprise, create a new contingent workforce hiring roadmap, attract top talent or manage the end to end recruitment process.

Our managed technology services and partners help companies control costs by streamlining business processes while maximizing ROI on investment through time savings for you!

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A relationship with Accendi Group is a partnership and that is where we put our technical, network, platform and tools to work for you. Our technology systems give increased visibility into your temporary workforce fueled by a dedicated engagement team that understands how to deliver first class outsourcing service for every customer.

Each managed service engagement provides customized consistent centralized supplier management processes, in addition to launch and implementation expertise with our leading VMS partners.

Accendi Group's MSP platform in action benefits the company, managers and suppliers alike by creating a seamless experience to attract, engage and retain talent.  So let us be there every step along this journey so together we can achieve success with ease.

A First Class Transformative Experience

Compete and Thrive with Accendi Group

Our team of experts is committed to transforming the workforce for businesses across all industries and sectors, large or small - public sector organizations included - to succeed.

We develop innovative solutions that address critical business demands to enhance your employer brand and improve contingent workforce hiring to achieve acceleration in growth through the achievement of cost reduction strategies and alignment of resources.


MSP (Managed Services Provider) Program Features

Supplier management

We are the matchmakers who make your business run smoothly. We empower both buyers and sellers with centralized processes to remove the complexities of managing a contingent workforce.


We believe in a commitment to excellence for every client. We offer first class service and our talented employees are committed to understanding your business workflows and providing insights to ensure you achieve winning results.


Our partnerships with leading VMS providers allow us to provide a turnkey solution. We use our expertise and launch your program faster than you think!


When you unite contingent labor under one supplier and system, the lack of visibility that often clouds your temporary workforce is lifted. You get full visibility into your workforce 24/7 allowing you to act strategically.

MSP In Action

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Workforce Solutions Overview

Innovative Employee Solutions 

At the core of who we are, designing and implementing proven human resource solutions to help clients address their most pressing business challenges is where we excel. We make it easier by bringing innovative staffing strategies into the market that solve problems for businesses across industries today.

We're trusted advisors with a knack for helping our diverse clientele succeed enterprise-wide. We understand every business is unique from Fortune 500 companies down to niche startups and that is why we design custom workforce solutions to ensure your success.


Removing the cloud and complexity from contingent workforce management.

Simplified and flexible payroll solutions to accommodate your needs.


Creative standards, with a multi-channel approach make us gurus at curating talent attraction specialties for your employer brand to attract the right talent.

Workforce Solutions

Helping companies to hire better and faster while improving the scalability and flexibility of their workforce.


Redefining the way companies protect themselves against worker classification risks with cutting-edge technology.

We are the best in our industry. Our qualified staff will help you identify entry-level to executive talent for any temporary or direct hire role, and we can do it on an as-needed basis as well.

New Employee success starts with onboarding. We help employers get onboarding right. 

Comprehensive nationwide background check service to help you make hiring decisions with confidence.


The Single Source Provider You Need

We understand that for many businesses, the greatest challenge is finding and retaining a talented workforce.

Accendi Group's managed service provider approach is grounded in honesty, continuous support, excellence of service and timely delivery. Our workforce solutions maximize the value of your investment to optimize the performance of your infrastructure and automate routine tasks to respond to the complex demands of your organization.

As the managed service provider MSP, it would be impossible for us to provide superior solutions without solid core values, which is why Accendi works hard to support all aspects of what makes up "your company."

Our programs are designed to relieve these pressures by making efficiency gains across your entire contingent workforce while mitigating the intricacies of temporary workforce management.

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